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When a subsystem is created using the CRTSBSD command, what is the purpose of the ASP Group (ASPGRP) parameter?

A. Specifies the name of an Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group that contains the library for the secondary language

B. Specifies the initial setting for the Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group name for the jobs running in this subsystem description

C. Specifies the name of an Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) group to be included in the library name space of the subsystem monitor job

D. Specifies the names of the Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) groups that may be added to the jobs running in this subsystem description using the SETASPGRP command

Correct Answer: C


An administrator is planning to deploy multiple AIX LPARs onto a Power 770. These LPARs will be served

with Virtual SCSI storage from a pair of VIO Servers (VIOS). What consideration should be considered with

regard to VIOS configuration to ensure suitable performance of the virtualized storage?

A. Allocate sufficient CPU processing capacity.

B. Provide sufficient memory allocation.

C. Assign each virtual disk on a unique virtual SCSI adapter.

D. Set the hcheck_mode attribute on the vSCSI disks.

Correct Answer: A


When should performance measurement of a test be recorded?

A. when the system is reaching its steady state

B. as soon as all virtual users hit the application

C. after all virtual users reach synchronization point

D. anytime after test execution

Answer: A


An administrator is creating an IBM i 6.1 guest partition on a Power 720 with no expansion units. The host partition is an IBM i 7.1 partition. The system has only one internal DVD, located in the CEO, which is allocated to the host partition.

The administrator has configured the partition profile, the client and server vSOSI adapter pair, a network server description and 12 storage spaces. There is no additional optical media device to start the D-mode IPL for this guest partition.

What is the fastest way for the administrator to complete the IBM i 6.1 installation?

A. Use the existing DVD device that is allocated to the host partition.

B. Reallocate the DVD device from the host partition to the guest partition.

C. Configure another vSCSI adapter pair in order to access the existing DVD device.

D. Convert the 6.1 DVD5 to .iso images, create a virtual optical device and load the iso images to it.

Correct Answer: A


A UNIX customer has a Symmetrix DMX that has crashed three times in the past six months, causing data

loss. The customer is shopping for an enterprise storage solution to provide point-in-time copy functionality

without a fixed relationship to its primaries. Which IBM solution best meets this customer\’s requirements?

A. IBM System Storage DS8700 andVolumeCopy

B. IBM System Storage DS8700 andFlashCopy

C. IBM System Storage DS8700 andFlashCopy with the NoCopy option

D. IBM System Storage DS8700 andFlashCopy with the Persistent option

Correct Answer: B

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