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Question 1:

The network manager has requested that several new VLANs (VLAN 10, 20, and 30) are allowed to traverse the switch trunk interface. After the command switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,20,30 is issued, all other existing VLANs no longer pass traffic over the trunk. What is the root cause of the problem?

A. The command effectively removed all other working VLANs and replaced them with the new VLANs.

B. VTP pruning removed all unused VLANs.

C. ISL was unable to encapsulate more than the already permitted VLANs across the trunk.

D. Allowing additional VLANs across the trunk introduced a loop in the network.

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: The “switchport trunk allowed vlan” command will only allow the specified VLANs, and overwrite any others that were previously defined. You would also need to explicitly allow the other working VLANs to this configuration command, or use the “issue the switchport trunk allowed vlan add vlan-list” command instead to add these 3 VLANS to the other defined allowed VLANs. Reference: https:// supportforums.cisco.com/document/11836/how-define-vlansallowed-trunk- link

Question 2:

Which VTP mode is needed to configure an extended VLAN, when a switch is configured to use VTP versions 1 or 2?

A. transparent

B. client

C. server

D. Extended VLANs are only supported in version 3 and not in versions 1 or 2.

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

Refer to the exhibit.

All ports are members of VLAN 10. Considering the default cost of upstream bridges to the root bridge is equal, which option will be the new root port for VLAN 10?

A. interface f0/13

B. interface f0/14

C. interface f0/15

D. interface f0/21

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: Root Port election on each bridge Each (non-Root) bridge has exactly one Root Port, which represents the best path to the Root Bridge. Total Path Cost to root – lowest prevails (local Root Port cost added o upon receipt of Configuration BPDUs on that port, from the direction of Root Bridge) Connected Bridge ID – lowest prevails o Connected Port ID (Port Priority Port#) – lowest prevails o Local Port ID – lowest prevails o In this case, fa0/21 has the lowest cost, so it will be the root port. Reference: https:// community.extremenetworks.com/extreme/topics/802_1d_spanning_tree_election_rules

Question 4:

Which statement describes what happens when a port configured with root guard receives a superior BPDU?

A. The port goes into errdisabled state and stops forwarding traffic.

B. The port goes into BPDU-inconsistent state and stops forwarding traffic.

C. The port goes into loop-inconsistent state and stops forwarding traffic.

D. The port goes into root-inconsistent state and stops forwarding traffic.

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: The root guard ensures that the port on which root guard is enabled is the designated port. Normally, root bridge ports are all designated ports, unless two or more ports of the root bridge are connected together. If the bridge receives superior STP Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs) on a root guard- enabled port, root guard moves this port to a root-inconsistent STP state. This root-inconsistent state is effectively equal to a listening state. No traffic is forwarded across this port. In this way, the root guard enforces the position of the root bridge. Reference: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk389/tk621/ technologies_tech_note09186a00800ae96b.shtml

Question 5:

A server with a statically assigned IP address is attached to a switch that is provisioned for DHCP snooping. For more protection against malicious attacks, the network team is considering enabling dynamic ARP inspection alongside DHCP snooping. Which solution ensures that the server maintains network reachability in the future?

A. Disable DHCP snooping information option.

B. Configure a static DHCP snooping binding entry on the switch.

C. Trust the interface that is connected to the server with the ip dhcp snooping trust command.

D. Verify the source MAC address of all untrusted interfaces with ip dhcp snooping verify mac- address command.

Correct Answer: B

Explanation: Dynamic ARP inspection is a security feature that validates ARP packets in a network. It intercepts, logs, and discards ARP packets with invalid IP-to- MAC address bindings. This capability protects the network from certain manin-the-middle attacks. Dynamic ARP inspection ensures that only valid ARP requests and responses are relayed. The switch performs these activities:

Intercepts all ARP requests and responses on untrusted ports

Verifies that each of these intercepted packets has a valid IP-to-MAC address binding before updating the local ARP cache or before forwarding the packet to the appropriate destination.

Drops invalid ARP packets Dynamic ARP inspection determines the validity of an ARP packet based on valid IP-to-MAC address bindings stored in a trusted database, the DHCP snooping binding database. This database is built by DHCP snooping if DHCP snooping is enabled on the VLANs and on the switch. If the ARP packet is received on a trusted interface, the switch forwards the packet without any checks. On untrusted interfaces, the switch forwards the packet only if it is valid. To ensure network reachability to the server, configure a static DHCP snooping binding entry on the switch. Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/ en/us/td/ docs/switches/lan/catalyst3750/software/release/12- 2_55_se/configuration/ guide/scg3750/ swdynarp.html

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Question 6:

The command storm-control broadcast level 75 65 is configured under the switch port connected to the corporate mail server. In which three ways does this command impact the traffic? (Choose three.)

A. SNMP traps are sent by default when broadcast traffic reaches 65% of the lower-level threshold.

B. The switchport is disabled when unicast traffic reaches 75% of the total interface bandwidth.

C. The switch resumes forwarding broadcasts when they are below 65% of bandwidth.

D. Only broadcast traffic is limited by this particular storm control configuration.

E. Multicast traffic is dropped at 65% and broadcast traffic is dropped at 75% of the total interface bandwidth.

F. The switch drops broadcasts when they reach 75% of bandwidth.

Correct Answer: CDF

storm-control {broad- Configure broadcast, multicast, or unicast storm control. By de- cast | multicast | uni- fault, storm control is disabled.

cast} level {level [lev-

The keywords have these meanings:

el-low] | pps pps [pps-low]}

For level, specify the rising threshold level for broadcast, multicast, or unicast traffic as a percentage (up to two decimal places) of the bandwidth. The port blocks traffic when the rising threshold is reached. The range is 0.00 to 100.00.

(Optional) For level-low, specify the falling threshold level as a percentage (up to two decimal places) of the bandwidth. This value must be less than or equal to the rising suppression value. The port forwards traffic when traffic drops below

this level. If you do not configure a falling suppression level, it is set to the rising suppression level. The range is 0.00 to 100.00.

In this case, the broadcast keyword was used so only broadcast traffic is limited. Reference: http:// www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst3550/ software/release/12- 2_25_see/configuration/ guide/3550SCG/swtrafc.html

Question 7:

Which two statements about default FHRP behavior are true? (Choose two.)

A. A backup GLBP active virtual gateway can become active only if the current active virtual gateway fails.

B. Preemption is enabled by default.

C. Unless specifically Configured, the priority of an HSRP router is 200.

D. A standby HSRP router becomes active if it has a higher priority than the priority of the current active router

E. A VRRP backup virtual router becomes the master router if its priority is higher than the priority of the current master router.

Correct Answer: AE

Question 8:

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the current configuration on port GigabitEthernet2/0/1 is true?

A. It is an access port configured for a phone and a PC

B. It is a trunk port and the native VLAN is VLAN1

C. It is a trunk port and the native VLAN is VLAN 700

D. It is an access port in VLAN 700

Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

When port security is configured on a switch, which violation mode is the default ?

A. log

B. shutdown

C. no change

D. error-disable

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

a network engineer is considering implementing UDLD throughout the network. which option must the network engineer consider?

A. UDLD aggressively disables the port after eight failed retries to connect to neighbor.

B. UDLD works at layer 1 of the OSI model.

C. UDLD is an IEEE standard that can be configured on non-cisco devices.

D. UDLD is already enabled by default on all ports on cisco switches.

Correct Answer: A

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