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Question 1:

Which three items must be configured in the port profile client in Cisco UCS Manager? (Choose three.)

A. port profile


C. data center

D. folder

E. vCenter IP address

F. VM port group

Correct Answer: BCD

After associating an ESX host to a DVS, you can migrate existing VMs from the vSwitch to the DVS, and you can create VMs to use the DVS instead of the vSwitch. With the hardware-based VN-Link implementation, when a VM uses the

DVS, all VM traffic passes through the DVS and ASIC-based switching is performed by the fabric interconnect. In Cisco UCS Manager, DVSes are organized in the following hierarchy:


Folder (optional)


Folder (required)


At the top of the hierarchy is the vCenter, which represents a VMware vCenter instance. Each vCenter contains one or more datacenters, and optionally vCenter folders with which you can organize the datacenters. Each datacenter contains

one or more required datacenter folders. Datacenter folders contain the DVSes.


http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/sw/gui/config/guide/1-3- 1/b_UCSM_GUI_Configuration_Guide_1_3_1/UCSM_GUI_Configuration_Guide_1_3_1_c hapter28.html

Question 2:

Which two reasons explain why a server on VLAN 10 is unable to join a multicast stream that originates on VLAN 20? (Choose two.)

A. IGMP snooping and mrouter are not enabled on VLAN 10.

B. VLAN 20 has no IGMP snooping querier defined and VLAN 10 has no mrouter.

C. The mrouter on VLAN 20 does not see the PIM join.

D. The mrouter must be on VLAN 10 and VLAN 20.

Correct Answer: AC

IGMP snooping is a mechanism to constrain multicast traffic to only the ports that have receivers attached. The mechanism adds efficiency because it enables a Layer 2 switch to selectively send out multicast packets on only the ports that

need them. Without IGMP snooping, the switch floods the packets on every port. The switch “listens” for the exchange of IGMP messages by the router and the end hosts. In this way, the switch builds an IGMP snooping table that has a list of

all the ports that have requested a particular multicast group.

The mrouter port is simply the port from the switch point of view that connects to a multicast router. The presence of at least one mrouter port is absolutely essential for the IGMP snooping operation to work across switches.

All Catalyst platforms have the ability to dynamically learn about the mrouter port. The switches passively listen to either the Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) hellos or the IGMP query messages that a multicast router sends out


Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/switches/catalyst-6500-series- switches/68131-cat-multicast-prob.html

Question 3:

Which FCoE component is responsible for the encapsulation and de-encapsulation of Fibre Channel frames in Ethernet?

A. distributed FCF

B. FCoE node

C. FCoE logical endpoint

D. Fibre Channel forwarder

E. FCoE forwarder

Correct Answer: C

The FCoE Logical Endpoint (FCoE_LEP) is responsible for the encapsulation and deencapsulation functions of the FCoE traffic. FCoE_LEP has the standard Fibre Channel layers, starting with FC-2 and continuing up the Fibre Channel Protocol stack.

Reference: https://www.safaribooksonline.com/library/view/ccna-data- center/9780133860429/ch11lev3sec5.html

Question 4:

Which two statements about implementing Cisco NPV and NPIV on a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switch are true? (Choose two.)

A. STP must run inside the FP network.

B. All VLANs must be in the same mode, CE, or FP.

C. FP port can join the private and nonprivate VLANs.

D. Only F and M series modules can run FabricPath.

E. These require an enhanced Layer 2 license to run.

Correct Answer: BE

With the Nexus 5×00 switch, FCoE functionality is a licensed feature. After the license is installed, FCoE configuration can be completed. Reference: http://www.ciscopress.com/articles/article.asp?p=2030048andseqNum=4

Question 5:

Refer to the exhibit.

This multilayer Cisco Nexus switch had been the active virtual gateway for Group 1 before it became temporarily unavailable. What will happen to GLBP Group 1 when this device becomes available again?

A. The currently active router remains active.

B. It depends on the priority value that is configured active on the router.

C. The Cisco Nexus switch becomes the active virtual gateway after 600 seconds.

D. It depends on the weighting values that are configured active on the router.

Correct Answer: A

GLBP prioritizes gateways to elect an active virtual gateway (AVG). If multiple gateways have the same priority, the gateway with the highest real IP address becomes the AVG. The AVG assigns a virtual MAC address to each member of the GLBP group. Each member is the active virtual forwarder (AVF) for its assigned virtual MAC address, forwarding packets sent to its assigned virtual MAC address.

The AVG also answers Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests for the virtual IP address. Load sharing is achieved when the AVG replies to the ARP requests with different virtual MAC addresses.

Note: Packets received on a routed port destined for the GLBP virtual IP address terminate on the local router, regardless of whether that router is the active GLBP router or a redundant GLBP router. This termination includes ping and Telnet traffic. Packets received on a Layer 2 (VLAN) interface destined for the GLBP virtual IP address terminate on the active router.

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Question 6:

Which Cisco NX-OS feature allows transparent Layer 2 extension between sites?

A. FabricPath



D. vPC


F. TrustSec

Correct Answer: C

Question 7:

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two descriptions of the switch are true? (Choose two)

A. It shuts down any edge port that receives a BPDU

B. It shuts down any port that receives a BPDU

C. If a port in the range of e1/1-24 receives a BPDU, the port is moved to the errdisable state.

D. It prevents edge devices from sending or receiving BPDUs globally

E. It prevents edge devices from sending or receiving BPDUs on e1/1-24 only

Correct Answer: BE

Question 8:

Within the vPC configuration of the 7K\’s, the command peer switch is configured. What is the result of enabling the command?

A. Both vPC peers use the same STP root ID.

B. The Vpc primary switch (7k-4 in this case) also serves as the STP root to improve vPC convergence.

C. The vPC secondary switch (7k-3 in this case) server as the STP root to improve vPC performance

D. Allow 7k-3 to act as the active HSRP gateway for packets that are addressed to the MAC address of 7K-4

E. Automatically disable IP redirects on all interface VLANs mapped over a vPC VLAN to avoid generation of IP redirect messages for packets switched though the vPC peer gateway router

F. Enable faster convergence of ARP tables after the vPC peer link flaps. 9999

Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

You create a checkpoint on a Cisco Nexus 7700 Series switch. You plan to roll back the running configuration by using the checkpoint. You must ensure that changes are made only if the entire rollback can be applied successfully. Which rollback option should you use?

A. atomic

B. stop-at-first-failure

C. best-effort

D. verbose

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: References:

Question 10:

switch# configure terminal switch (config) # interface ethernet 1/4 switch (config-if) # switchport mode trunk switch (config-if) # channel-group 1 mode active Refer to the exhibit. Which type of port channel was created?


B. static


D. desirable

Correct Answer: A

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