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Question 1:

You enabled CDP on two Cisco Routers which are connected to each other. The Line and Protocol status for the interfaces on both routers show as UP but the routers do not see each other a CDP neighbors. Which layer of the OSI model does the problem most likely exist?

A. Physical

B. Session

C. Application

D. Data-Link

E. Network

Correct Answer: D

CDP is a protocol that runs over Layer 2 (the data link layer) on all Cisco routers, bridges, access servers, and switches. CDP allows network management applications to discover Cisco devices that are neighbors of already known devices, in particular, neighbors running lower-layer, transparent protocols. With CDP, network management applications can learn the device type and the SNMP agent address of neighboring devices. This feature enables applications to send SNMP queries to neighboring devices. In this case, the line protocol is up which means that the physical layer is operational (layer 1) but the data link layer is not. configuration/guide /cdp.html

Question 2:

The following commands are issued on a Cisco Router:

Router(configuration)#access-list 199 permit tcp host host Router(configuration)#access-list 199 permit tcp host host Router(configuration)#exit Router#debug ip packet 199

What will the debug output on the console show?

A. All IP packets passing through the router

B. Only IP packets with the source address of

C. All IP packets from to

D. All IP Packets between and

Correct Answer: D

In this example, the “debug ip packet” command is tied to access list 199, specifying which IP packets should be debugged. Access list 199 contains two lines, one going from the host with IP address to and the other specifying all TCP packets from host to

Question 3:

Which two of the following options are categories of Network Maintenance tasks?

A. Firefighting

B. Interrupt-driven

C. Policy-based

D. Structured

E. Foundational

Correct Answer: BD

Proactive Versus Reactive Network Maintenance:

Network maintenance tasks can be categorized as one of the following:

Structured tasks: Performed as a predefined plan.

Interrupt-driven tasks: Involve resolving issues as they are reported.

Question 4:

A customer network engineer has made configuration changes that have resulted in some loss of connectivity. You have been called in to evaluate a switch network and suggest resolutions to the problems. Refer to the topology. SW1 Switch Management IP address is not pingable from SW4. What could be the issue?

A. Management VLAN not allowed in the trunk links between SW1 and SW4

B. Management VLAN not allowed in the trunk links between SW1 and SW2

C. Management VLAN not allowed in the trunk link between SW2 and SW4

D. Management VLAN ip address on SW4 is configured in wrong subnet

E. Management VLAN interface is shutdown on SW4

Correct Answer: D

In the network, VLAN 300 is called the Management VLAN. Based on the configurations shown below, SW1 has VLAN 300 configured with the IP address of, while on SW4 VLAN 300 has an IP address of, which is not in the same subnet.

Question 5:


You have been asked by your customer to help resolve issues in their routed network. Their network engineer has deployed HSRP. On closer inspection HSRP doesn\’t appear to be operating properly and it appears there are other network

problems as well. You are to provide solutions to all the network problems. Examine the configuration on R5. Router R5 do not see any route entries learned from R4; what could be the issue?

A. HSRP issue between R5 and R4

B. There is an OSPF issue between R5 and R4

C. There is a DHCP issue between R5 and R4

D. The distribute-list configured on R5 is blocking route entries

E. The ACL configured on R5 is blocking traffic for the subnets advertised from R4.

Correct Answer: C

R5 configuration :int gig0/0 ip address dhcp This interface not getting dhcp ip address from R4. So even though OSPF configuration was like area 0 , because this interface does not get correct ip address from DHCP it can’t participate in OSPF. R4 configuration :ip dhcp exlude address ip dhcp pool ine network x.x.x.x x.x.x.x i think default router command was missing here . not sure but Int gig0/0 ip address dhcp . This interface on R4 should have ip address configured on it instead of ” ip address dhcp ” . Hence its not able to provide dhcp lease address to R5. R4 also had ospf configured as network area 0. So all interface can participate if they are up and if they have ip address. But because R5 interface connected to R4 could not obtail correct dhcp ip address from R4 due to DHCP issue they wont form ospf neighborship. So correct answer is DHCP issue between R5 and R4.

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Question 6:

What is the MTU\’s size in a GRE tunnel?

A. 1630

B. 1476

C. 1500

D. 1900

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

Which of the following are TACACS characteristics? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Cisco proprietary

B. Standards-based protocol

C. Provides separate services for authentication, authorization, and accounting

D. Encrypts only the password

E. Uses UDP for a transport layer

F. Encrypts the entire packet

Correct Answer: ACF

Question 8:

When the user is changing configuration of router, which plane is affected

A. data

B. managment plane

C. control


Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

Which two statements about IPv6 traffic filtering are true? (choose two)

A. it performs virtual fragmentation reassembly after checking engress ACLs

B. it performs virtual fragmentation after checking ingress ACLs

C. it requires IPv6 neighbor discovery to be enabled on the interface

D. it requires configuration to be done at the engress interface

E. it is configured at the interface level

Correct Answer: BE

Question 10:

A question about restrict access for device on management plane? (Choose two.)

A. Enable Cisco Express Forward (CEF) globally.

B. Add authentication for routing protocols.

C. Restrict physical access.

D. Add ACLs for Telnet.


Correct Answer: AD

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