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An existing N series customer is looking for a software solution that will provide application aware

snapshots for backup purposes on their ERP system.

Which family of N series software meets the criteria?

A. SnapVault

B. SnapMirror

C. SnapManager

D. SnapRestore

Correct Answer: C


What is a benefit of standardization for cloud consumers or users?

A. services language is better understood

B. standard offerings do not require approval

C. services are obtained faster and cheaper

D. it helps lowerthe costs for cloud service providers

Answer: C


Companycom has just purchased a p5 570 with AIX 5.3. The customer would like to add a

training LPAR to the system, but no processors are available. All of the partitions are using

dedicated resources. The test LPAR is using one processor and has a 90% CPU idle rate. What

can be done to setup this training LPAR quickly without disabling their current environment?

A. Use AIX 5.3 which supports micro-partitioning for both the test and training LPARS

B. Use DLPAR to move resources from the test LPAR to training when training is active

C. Install Partition Load Manager to share resources between the test and training environments

D. Install Advanced Power Virtualization and then use micro-partitioning for both the test and

training LPARs

Answer: D


A CIO mentions the complexity of their current SAN environment and how difficult it is to manage.

Which of the following should be the sales specialist\’s next step?

A. Give the CIO a technical presentation.Give the CIO a technical presentation.

B. Suggest the CIO consider deduplication.

C. Offer an IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC).

D. Invite the CIO to a System Storage Productivity Center (SSPC) demonstration

Correct Answer: D


A suite of server applications is to be designed to support the graceful shutdown capabilities of

WebSphere MQ implemented via the ail ifA suite of server applications is to be designed to support the

graceful shutdown capabilities of WebSphere MQ implemented via the mail if quiescing feature. Which of

the following best describes the use of this feature?

A. Applications that have this feature activated can request an extra grace period of a configurable length

that will allow them to complete critical processing before the queue manager will disconnect them.

B. Applications using this feature will be informed of the queue manager quiescing via a completion code

of MQCC_FAILED and a reason code of MQRC_Q_MGR_QUIESCING (or

MQRC_CONNECTION_QUIESCING) and will be disconnected automatically. Applications are

expected to periodically attempt reconnection.

C. Using FAIL_IF_QUIESCING options where valid with MQI calls, an application can finalize MQ

processing, avoiding loss of data, before the queue manager is shut down.

D. When a queue manager is configured with the FAIL_IF_QUIESCING option and is being shut down, it

will reject all MQI calls with a completion code of MQCC_FAILED and a reason code of


reliable termination.

Correct Answer: C


Which two actions are available when editing a message handler? (Choose two.)

A. Abort job

B. Demote to warning

C. Suppress from job log

D. Demote to informational

E. Suppress from the project

Answer: C,D



A developer wants to write a push notification application where the message will be sent to a specific

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subscriber on a specific device. Which API should be used?

A. WL.Server.notifyAllDevices(userSubscription, options)

B. WL.Client.notifyDevice(userSubscription, device, options)

C. WL.Server.notifyDevice(userSubscription, device, options)

D. WL.Server.notifyDeviceSubscription(deviceSubscription, options)

Correct Answer: C


Which command dumps the security authorization of an MQ object in a readable format?

A. listmqaut

B. dmpmqaut

C. setmqaut

D. dumpmqaut

Correct Answer: B




A customer has a single IBM Storwize V7000 Control Enclosure with 4 expansion enclosures

attached. The customer is looking at expanding this configuration. What is the maximum number

of expansion enclosures that can be added to this configuration?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

Correct Answer: C


A WebSphere MQ application has been designed to use triggering with TRIGTYPE(FIRST). Which of the

following is recommended for the program that has been started to process the triggered queue?

A. Do not allow the program to end unless it MQGETs at least one message.

B. MQGET only the number of messages the program is expected to process, so additionalcopies of the

program will be triggered to process subsequent messages.

C. Do MQGET without the wait option so that the application program does not keep the queueopen


D. Do MQGET with the wait option because the trigger message can be put, causing theapplication

program to start, before all messages to be processed have been committed.

Correct Answer: D

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