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Consider the following XML:


processed by this XPath expression:

<xsl:value-of select=


An IBM Business Partner suggests an IBM System Storage DS8000 to a customer with a SAN that is now

configured with an EMC Symmetrix subsystem disk. The customer wants to determine if new HBAs and

software upgrades are needed on the servers if the EMC storage is replaced by the DS8000 What

document must be carefully read to help address the customer\’s concerns?

A. IBM System Storage DS8000: Host Systems Attachment Guide

B. DS8000 Interoperability Matrix

C. IBM System Storage DS8000: Introduction and Planning Guide

D. IBM System Storage Solution Handbook

Correct Answer: B

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A validating parser is used in order to:

A. Establish values for defaulted attributes.

B. De-reference Namespaces.

C. Validate CDATA sections.

D. Validate datatypes.

Answer: A, D


Which URL will connect remotely to the HMC with a host name of HMC for partition management?

A. http://hmc1

B. https://hmc1

C. http://hmc1:2001

D. https://hmc1:2300

Correct Answer: B


Which command is used to turn off the front panel attention light for an IBM i partition?

A. WRKPRB (Work Problem)

B. STRSST (Start System Service Tools)

C. RSTATNIND (Reset Attention Indicator)

D. DSPMSG QSYSOPR (Display Messages on QSYSOPR message queue)

Correct Answer: B

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