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A system administrator is configuring application servers for using the Data Replication Service in

a WebSphere Application Server V6 cluster environment. Which of the following replication

modes are available?

A. Client Only, Server Only, Both Client and Server

B. Cluster Only, Both Client and Cluster

C. Cluster Only, Both Cluster and Server

D. Cluster Only, Node Only, Both Cluster and Node

Answer: A


A customer has an IBM System Storage DS8700 and wants to reach the highest possible throughput in the

back-end for a storage-pool-striped volume out of an extent pool with 8 ranks. Over how many device

adapter pairs should a technical specialist spread the workload?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 6

D. 8

Correct Answer: D


A customer is planning to purchase a fully populated Power 795. There are 65 applications which need to

run and all need an AIX 7 environment. The architect is considering whether to use an LPAR for each

application or to use a single large LPAR and have a WPAR for each application.

What must be considered before creating the environment?

A. There is a limit of 64 WPARs in any AIX V7 global environment.

B. An activation key for LPARs with more than 128 processors is required.

C. There is a limit of 32 Processors in a WPAR.

D. Multiple IVE adapters are required to support all the partitions.

Correct Answer: B


A customer has the need for performance monitoring of an IBM System Storage DS8000. Which product

does the customer need?

A. System Storage Productivity Center

B. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data

C. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk

D. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Fabric

Correct Answer: C


Which option(s) are available for VM backups?

A. VMWare file level

B. VMWare Full VCB Image

C. Hyper-V Consolidated Image

D. VMWare file level, VMWare Full VM and Hyper-V Full VM

Answer: D

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