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An administrator has a new, local, IP-based printer that is not communicating with the system. Ping is successful using the printer IP address and the printer name, and response time is acceptable. Users can print from Windows.

What should the administrator do next to troubleshoot the printer?

A. Verify that there is a route configured to the printer.

B. Use the TRACEROUTE command to find where the connection fails.

C. Verify that the printer address is correcting the HOSTS table on the system.

D. Display the printer device description to confirm that the correct port has been configured.

Correct Answer: D

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A developer wants to test a hybrid application on a physical iOS device. The developer has enrolled in the

iOS Developer Program and created a provisioning profile. Where should the developer install the

provisioning profile to test the application on a physical iOS device?

A. the Xcode Server

B. the physical device

C. the Apple App Store

D. the Application Center

Correct Answer: B


A developer is writing an application that needs to support the HTC Thunderbolt and Motorola DROID Pro

devices. Using the Mobile Browser Simulator to preview the application, how can the developer switch

from one device to the other?

A. Launch a separate instance of Mobile Browser Simulator for each device.

B. Click the Switch label, then expand Android and select Motorola DROID Pro.

C. Click the drop down menu currently labeled HTC Thunderbolt, then expand Android and select

Motorola DROID Pro.

D. Click the Cordova API in the left hand side, expand the Device section and change the device simulator

from HTC Thunderbolt to MotorolaDROID Pro.

Correct Answer: C


Which statement is true about a reference to the last element in an HTML table?

A. It will automatically overwrite any reference to previous elements in the same table.

B. It can be created by selecting “Last occurrence” in the reference properties.

C. It can be created by matching the last instance of the element tag with a regular expression.

D. It can only be captured by writing custom code to count the table elements.

Answer: B


Which of the following statements regarding XML Schema derivation is FALSE?

A. XML Schema types that are derived by extension can only add attributes or append child

elements to the existing content model.

B. XML Schema types that are derived by restriction can only constrain the element and/or

attribute declarations of an existing type.

C. XML Schema types that are derived by extension cannot be further extended.

D. A complex type can be derived by either restriction or extension.

E. A simple type can be derived by restriction, list, or union.

Answer: C

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