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Companycom currently has three p650 servers in their environment and they are implementing a

p5 595. The p650 servers are running in an SMP environment, but are connected to a pair of

HMCs. In order to follow best practices in the enterprise server environment and maintain HMC

connectivity to the p650s, what else will needs to be ordered in addition to the p5 595?

A. Include a new HMC in the order to connect to the p5 595

B. Include a pair of new HMCs in the order to connect to the p5 595

C. Include a media set for POWER5 HMC in the order to upgrade one of the existing HMC\’s to

POWER5 capabilities

D. Include a media set for POWER5 HMC in the order to upgrade both of the existing HMC to

POWER5 capabilities Include a media set for POWER5 HMC in the order to upgrade both of

the existing HMC? To POWER5 capabilities

Answer: B


A developer created an encrypted cache with the WL.EncryptedCache.open function. When the function is

triggered, the following status code is returned:


code mean?

A. The encrypted cache was created successfully, though it was only secured by a user provided


B. The application failed to create the encrypted cache because the Worklight server was unavailable for

some reason.

C. The encrypted cache already existed with a previously created random key, so it was not possible to

create it again with a new key.

D. The application failed to create the encrypted cache, because there was no parameter provided in the

function call to generate the randomkey.

Correct Answer: B


Which statement describes a recognized security risk with programs that adopt authority?

A. Items in IFS directories can be altered.

B. The users job will retain elevated authority when the program ends.

C. If the program opens a command line, a user will have access to the system at elevated authority.

D. If the program calls another program, the called program cannot avoid running at elevated authority.

Correct Answer: C


A customer selected option 21 from the SAVE menu, entered their tape library TAPMLBO1 and selected to start the backup immediately. They receive the message “*MOUNTED not correct.” What should the administrator do before restarting the save?

A. Use SETTAPOGY to the desired tape category.

B. In WRKMLBSTS allocate the tape drive resource.

C. Initialize the tape to correctly match the cartridge ID.

D. Assure that at least two tapes are ready and initialized in the library.

Correct Answer: A


Which three are required fields in the Agent configuration to establish communication between an

Agent and a JMS Server?

A. SIB Name

B. Provider URL

C. SIB Queue Name

D. JMS Server Name

E. JMS Queue Name

F. QCF Lookup Name

Answer: B,E,F


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