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An administrator with a single-partition POWER7 system needs to install new server firmware. How are server firmware updates delivered for POWERJ systems with update policy set to “OS managed”?

A. With a PTF using marker ID MHxxxxx

B. With a PTE using marker ID TRxxxxx

C. With a PTE using marker ID MFxxxxx

D. With a PTE using marker ID SIxxxxx

Correct Answer: A


A custom application program is submitted daily by operations personnel using the CALL command. The program has a requirement that the prior days backup tape volume serial be passed via a parameter so the program can read the tape. The program has failed due to syntax errors when entering the CALL command and parameters.

What can the administrator do to help minimize similar errors?

A. Use the Check Tape command and set the Exit parameter to call the program.

B. Create a Job Schedule Entry to call the program and prompt for the parameter.

C. Use the command SBMJOB to call the program and set the OTAPE data area parameter to *LAST.

D. Develop a CL program to capture the correct parameter value. call the program, and pass the parameter.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION NO:129

An administrator needs to change the IP address used for the Operations Console LAN connection to the Power 720 50 that it resides on the main network.

What must the administrator do to complete this task?

A. Enable console takeover and recovery as the connection now goes through a network switch.

B. Access the control panel with function 65-21 and reset the console device discovery sequence.

C. Reset the console device ID, change the adapter address and recreate the Operations Console connection.

D. Reconfigure the connection in Operations Console with a new registered DNS name that points to the new IP address.

Correct Answer: C


A customer would like to implement an IBM System Storage DS8000 solution that requires 225 TB raw

capacity. They are convinced that 450 GB is the optimum size for their business applications. There is

limited space available for additional machines in the data center. Which solution meets best this


A. DS8700 system with three frames

B. DS8800 system with threeframe

C. DS8700 system with two frames

D. DS8800 system with two frames

Correct Answer: D


A customer selected option 21 from the SAVE menu, entered their tape library TAPMLBO1 and selected to start the backup immediately. They receive the message “*MOUNTED not correct.” What should the administrator do before restarting the save?

A. Use SETTAPOGY to the desired tape category.

B. In WRKMLBSTS allocate the tape drive resource.

C. Initialize the tape to correctly match the cartridge ID.

D. Assure that at least two tapes are ready and initialized in the library.

Correct Answer: A

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