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When you run your tests, you notice that the curves are noisy.

How can you correct this and smooth your results?

A. change the logging level

B. increase the number of users

C. reduce the statistical sampling rate

D. add a synchronization point

Answer: C


Which component is needed to run a scheduled archive?

A. Client Polling

B. Server Schedule

C. Client Scheduler Service

D. Client Prompted Schedule

Answer: C


During the TDA, it is determined that Global Mirror will be implemented. The IBM team wants to ensure

that they have enough DS8800 fiber links to handle the mirroring workload. Which tool should be used to

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determine the number of fiber links needed?

A. RMF Magic

B. Capacity Magic

C. Disk Magic

D. PerfMon

Correct Answer: C


Before submitting a long form, an application needs to explicitly detect that the device is connected to the

Worklight server. How can this be done?

A. Add an event listener to WL.Events.WORKLIGHT_IS_CONNECTED and handle the submission of the

form in the callback.

B. Add an event listener to WL.Events.WORKLIGHT_IS_DISCONNECTED and handle the submission of

the form in the callback.

C. Use WL.Client.invokeProcedure() to a procedure and then handle the submission of the form in the

callback onSuccess.

D. Use WL.Device.getNetworkInfo() and handle the submission of the form in the callback after checking

that isNetworkConnected is true.

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following statements concerning the use of elements and attributes in an XML

document is TRUE?

A. The use of attributes will allow for pattern matching of the content when a DTD is used with

the XML document.

B. The use of an XML Schema will allow for the use of datatypes to control the content of the


C. Both elements and attributes may be declared and controlled as complex types when the

document is used in conjunction with an XML Schema.

D- When using DTDs, elements should be used for critical values, since attributes cannot be


Answer: B

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